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LiFePO4 Batteries


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Our battery pack products cover a wide range of industries.

Focus on high quality & reliability, we offer lithium iron phosphate, Li-Ion battery packs for a various applications such as AGV, Golf cart, sightseeing car, 48 volt Home energy storage system and 5G telecom base station. OSM also service for e-Bikes, e-Scooters, Storage systems, cleaning equipment and other electronic devices.


5Kwh Wall mounted Model 51.2v 100Ah

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48v 100Ah

5.12 kWh Server rack Model 51.2v 100Ah

Modularity Smart Power wall HESS

LFP OSM 48100 build with prismatic LFP cells 16S2P.  Norminal Voltage 51.2v, 102Ah. The Wall mounted battery with  total energy 5.6kwh. Usable energy 5Kwh.  As a Powerwall product, the battery system build with OSM powered hardware BMS relay switch Technology. Battery module can add on for more energy capacity by parallel. Max 16 pcs. Up to 89Kwh.  It is recognized as the most advanced Wall mounted Residential Battery system.

Contact With OSM now. To build the most reliable lithium ion battery storage system at Amazing Price! Distributors Recruiting!

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10Kwh Wall mounted Model 51.2v 200Ah

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Our Expertize in Batteries

OSM ENERGY Focusing on the R&D, Manufacturing and pack production of the world most leading lithium motive batteries. Establishing a full industry chin in vehicle and energy storage batteries field to achieve a perfect combination of new energy power generation, storage and consumption under the smart internet managment. providing customers turnkey solutions and stable product service during its whole cycle life.


With lastest lithium iron phosphate Technology. Super long and deep life cycles

lithium iron phosphate Cells from OSM are all brand New cells. High quality LiFePo4 cells with precise consistency in terms of cell capacity, cell voltage and also the internal resistance. A Normall Lithium Iron Phosphate cell should possible to handle 2000 times more charging and discharge cycles. Welcome to contact us to get the latest Datasheet for OSM Lithium ion phospahte cell and Packs.

BMS not only protect a battery, but also people who use the battery.

Battery management system is the key to the safe use of lithium batteries.

As we always said, safety comes first. Different from other batteries,a rechargeable Lithium battery will not allowed to be over charged or over discharged. OSM BMS engineering team has much experience on design BMS to Major brand passenger car in China.

Green Energy is the future. OSM energy will be dedicated to the new energy manufacturing industry and become an industry leader.

Improve Your Battery Pack To New Level

OSM is committed to serve different industry application which required Long lasting and safty rechargeable Lithium batteries. OSM now because popular to service local Lithium ion battery pack manufactuers and looking for serve more international Lithium battery factories or battery dealers.

20kwh LiFePo4
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48v 100ah LFP battery bank

48v 100Ah 5 Kwh LFP Battery Bank

  • Cell Type: LFP Lithium iron prismatic cell

  • Voltage: 48v 51.2v

  • Capacity: 100 amp hour

  • Total energy: 5.12 Kwh

  • Application:  Off grid small home battery energy storage system

48v 50ah LFP battery bank

48v 50Ah 2.5 Kwh LFP Battery Bank

  • Cell Type: LFP Lithium iron prismatic cell

  • Voltage: 48v 51.2v

  • Capacity: 50 amp hour

  • Total energy: 2.56 Kwh

  • Application:  HV and Low V Off grid small home battery energy storage system 

12v 100ah LFP battery bank

12v 100Ah LFP Battery pack

  • Cell Type: LFP Lithium iron prismatic cell

  • Voltage: 12v 12.8v

  • Capacity: 100 amp hour

  • Total energy: 1.28 Kwh

  • Application:  Lead acid or AGM replacement Pack

48v LiFePo4 battery battery rack System

48v 100Ah 5 Kwh LFP Battery Bank

  • Cell Type: LFP Lithium iron prismatic cell

  • Voltage: 48v 51.2v

  • Capacity: 1000ah or up to 3000ah.

  • Total energy: up to 100Kwh

  • Application:  Off grid small home battery energy storage system

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Knowing the newest technology on rechargeable Lithium ion batteries. BMS technology. Learn the Basic knowledge on Lithium Iron batteries. Became the expert of the field. Whether you are ready to order or just want a price quote we will do our best to assist you. If you have any addtional questions on Lithium batteries, please fill in our contact form or send email to we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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OSM ENERGY is a China Based Manufactuer. Provide Design and production of Lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate battery cells and Systems. The battery applications inlcude ESS( energy storage system, UPS, Passenger car, and other industry Embedded lithium type batteries. We provide Standard OSM brand Drop in replacement LiFePo4 series and also support OEM Custom Li-ion battery.

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