Lithium Phosphate sa home battery scheme

16S 51.2v LFP battery is perfectly as home battery scheme

EG Solar Energy provide Custom design and manufacture for UPS, Home Energy storage system with our most advanced LiFePo4 technology. EG Solar energy specializes in advanced battery storage products and intelligent energy management solutions for residential and commercial customers. With years of experience in both the clean energy and battery industries, the EG Solar team helps families and businesses reduce their electricity costs and achieve energy independence through their own power generation, storage, and optimization. EG Solar products have spread to more than 50 countries through our partners, benefiting thousands of customers.

Home Energy Storage System

Most fashionable on the System Design with most safty Lithium iron phosphate Technology

OSM Home Energy Storage System( HESS). Is a compelet design. You can order it and install easily directly. Simply connect your invertor and solar panels to this battery.

48 Volt UPS LiFePo4 Battery

48 Volt UPS LiFePo4 Battery

A UPS means stable and long lasting. This is exactly EG Solar 48v battery  did. Apply with 3.2v 50/55ah prismatic cells.

48V LFP For EV Applications

Need a powerfull battery for scooter or GOLF cart

Golf cart or scooters will requires a powerfull battery which is possible high rate discharge. EG Solar  Energy provide Custom 48v LiFePo4 battery pack for it

ESS rack mount battery modules

Solar batteries come in varying sizes and brands, so choosing EG Solar will be much easier.


EG Solar 3.5U 48v ess battery module with Bulit in BMS. internal multiple protection, RS485, RS232, CANBUS communication functions to ensure the reliability of the battery pack and achieve remote monitoring real time date of batteries.

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48v 5000wh server rack battery

3U Lithium Battery Pack 51.2V 50Ah 100Ah 150Ah options Applicable Dimensions Maximum 8 Packs Scale up. Racking From 10kWh to 300kWh solutions for standard 19′ racking 3U solution can be mounted from both front and rear Ourdoor waterproof design available

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4U LFP battery rack Given the basic scientific advantages. Build with the high-tech Lithium iron batteries. Benefits from long lifetime to enhanced safety, high-temperature performance. Good for large integration with energy storage solutions.

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OutDoor LiFePo4 ESS Battery systems

Solution for commercial rack mounted systems to help customers to achieve small or middle size indoor battery energy storage systems or containerized MWh systems.

A Pack Specifications C Pack Specifications D Pack Specifications
System Capacity Voltage Energy System Capacity Voltage Energy System Capacity Voltage Energy
2P System 118AH 230.4V 27.2kWh 2P System 118AH 345.6V 40.8kWh 2P System 118AH 192V 22.6kWh
3P System 177AH 153.6V 27.2kWh 3P System 177AH 230.4V 40.8kWh 3P System 177AH 128V 22.6kWh
4P System 236AH 115.2V 27.2kWh 4P System 236AH 172.8V 40.8kWh 4P System 236AH 96V 22.6kWh
6P System 354AH 76.8V 27.2kWh 6P System 354AH 115.2V 40.8kWh 6P System 354AH 64V 22.6kWh
8P System 472AH 57.6V 27.2kWh 8P System 472AH 86.4V 40.8kWh 8P System 472AH 48V 22.6kWh
Dimensions:1060mm*645mm*215mm Dimensions:1060mm*932mm*215mm Dimensions:975mm*645mm*215mm
IP Grade IP67 MRaatxeimum Discharge 2C Quick Charge (30%~810C% SOC)
W(Charging) Temp Range -5℃ ~ 60℃ MRaatxeimum Charge 1C BPoMrSt Communication CAN
W(Discharge)temp Range -20℃~60℃ System Energy Density 140Wh/kg
Home Energy storage system

48v 100ah 3U lithium ion battery In parallel

stacked battery system

Ground Eco series 48v Solar battery storage

lithium iron phosphate In parallel rack 3U rack

back connection

48v 200ah battery rack Stack Backside

What’s the right battery solution for me?

EG Solar is an OEM manufacture for home battery scheme both for residential and commercial. Remember that battery storage isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The size of your solar panel system and the amount of energy you use will determine the right capacity for you.

The capacity of a solar battery refers to how much power it can store, but bigger doesn’t always mean better for battery size. There is no point in having a 5-litre bucket if you only have 1 litre of water to carry. The same applies for solar batteries, we match the size of the battery to the amount of power you generate; safeguarding against copious over-flow or wasted space.

The right battery capacity will see you getting a return on your investment sooner. Alternatively, if you are thinking of adding to your solar panel system in the future, you can opt for a modular battery which allows you to increase the battery storage size as your system grows.

EG Solar ESS system can be applied to Grid, UPS & DPSand R&C (Residential & Commercial) usage, etc.

  • GridStabilize power supply of traditional power plants and renewable energy generating facilities through frequency regulation and peak shifting by integrating batteries to them.
  • R&C: Save energy generated from solar panels to use it at times when electricity prices are high or there is a power-cut.
  • UPS&DPS: Protect Data Centers and IT facilities which need a stable stream of power supply.

Find Out The Best ESS solution by Work with EG Solar

Custom ESS Solution

Losing power is frustrating, and we know all too well how detrimental blackouts can be to home and work life. The best solution to securing energy during a blackout is a solar battery. A solar battery fitted with blackout protection uses stored energy to run your home when the power unexpectedly disconnects, giving you peace of mind that you can ‘power on’ with everyday activities.

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A battery stores the excess energy that your system generates in the day, ready to use at night. This means that your solar can power your home during the day and your battery can power your home in the evening. Dramatically reducing your dependence on the grid.