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Shenzhen OSM Energy Technology Company Limited  is located in Shenzhen, China. The battery and battery pack lines are located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. OSM Energy has established an advanced and experienced sales and service system in the global market. We provide services for different industries, such as solar energy storage system (ESS), RV, marine, boat, golf cart, AGV robot, EV Battery, Motorcycle and electronic bike battery, forklift battery and electric tricycle battery and 5G base station LiFePo4 battery. OSM is now one of the major manufacturers of lithium battery packs.
Lithium battery can store amazing energy and discharge quickly, safely and smoothly. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are gaining more life cycle and safety. These are important factors in the clean energy market. Let’s work together to shape a better future for everyone on earth.



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12.8v 100Ah lifepo4 battery

Lithium batteries store incredible amounts of energy that can be discharged quickly, safely, and smoothly. No matter what kind lead acid battery you are using, It can be replaced by our Lithium battery 12v, 24v or 48v.

OSM™ deep cycle lithium RV batteries are created with the highest quality materials and assembly. Inside with prismatic LFP cells. All cells strict to passenger car standard. These are no hassle, peak performance batteries. Our 12v and 24volt LFP packs have a 99% charge efficiency vs lead acid’s 85%, and charge 4-6x faster. Simply plug and play. Just connect your battery and you’re ready to go.

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ESS battery system

OSM™ Energy Storagy System (ESS) provide LFP energy systems both for off grid and on gird systems. It is a perfect system no matter for home or industry application./fusion_text]

Our prismatic LFP recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. LFP chemistry features stable structures with high energy density, well-defined performance, long-term stability. Automotive Standard Cell & Battery Structure Technology : OSM’s engineer & technician team bring our expertise at automotive battery R&D and manufacturing standards and technology to the design and structure of the ESS batteries.The cells inside are automotive-grade high quality cells, capable of high C-rate charge/discharge to support critical loads such as air condition, water pumps, EV charging, etc. And BMS is ESS- specific, with RS485, RS232, Canbus, SNM communication.

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custom li-ion pack

OSM™ Energy provide designs on custom battery packs. for lighting, medical, military, and a large range of industrial and commercial applications. We provide everything from single-cell to multi-cell series/parallel combinations with electronics (BMS) in a variety of custom packages. Many years of combined expertise in engineering and manufacturing enable us to provide well designed, cost-competitive solutions that solve the challenges faced by OEMs.

OSM can provide custom battery pack design assistance to update or enhance your existing application, or we can develop a completely new battery pack assembly solution to meet the unique requirements of your product. We have the expertise and industry experience to deliver a complete, custom made energy solution for any industry or application.

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Lithium battery BMS

OSM Battery pack integrated circuits and designs help you to layout your Battery Management System. Careful design considerations on charging and discharging processes on battery protection and cell monitoring will support you throughout your design. From 2S, 3S, 4S,7S and 8S, 16S. and even high voltage BMS.

A battery management system can be comprised of many functional blocks including: cutoff FETs, a fuel gauge monitor, cell voltage monitor, cell voltage balance, real-time clock (RTC), temperature monitors, and a state machine. There are many types of battery management ICs available. The grouping of the functional blocks varies widely from a simple analog front-end that offers balancing and monitoring and requires a microcontroller (MCU), to a standalone, highly integrated solution that runs autonomously

Battery Pack with BMS
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