48v Lithium Ion Batteries 165ah 8.4kwh Stackable Battery

At present, wall-mounted 48v lithium ion batteries are popular in the market of home energy storage. So a lot of company imitated Tesla powerwall to launch a variety of products, including 5kwh wall-mounted battery, 10kwh battery.  And there are many kinds of batteries like  3U 4U battery rack battery, it's also very popular for

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High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery 768v For Energy Storage

Many countries around the world are experiencing power shortages. The main reason is that power is not stable enough. In February 2021, a large-scale snow disaster in Texas caused a power outage of 170,000 residents, and some people even froze to death. However, in the Middle East, due to the lack of electricity caused

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12v 100ah Lithium Battery Replacement Lead Acid Battery Project

As for energy storage in modern society, mostly rely on batteries, which are like a container. However, this container has been in development, Since 1799 Alessandro Volta invented the battery, it has a history more than 200 years now. Before 2010, most people was using lead-acid batteries or gel batteries, but they all need

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EG Solar is a China Based Manufactuer. Provide Design and production of Lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate battery cells and Systems. The battery applications inlcude ESS( energy storage system, UPS, Passenger car, and other industry Embedded lithium type batteries. We provide Standard EG Solar brand Drop in replacement LiFePo4 series and also support OEM Custom Li-ion battery.

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