LiFePO4 batteries Vs NCM Batteries In Electric Vehicles

Even though most electric vehicles are currently use lithium batteries,different models lithium batteries are still equipped differently. There are two main types lithium batteries used in electric vehicles, lithium iron phosphate batteries and NCM lithium batteries. And the each of them has their own performance. let us make a contrast with these two kinds of batteries.

Advantages of LiFePO4 battery:RV battery

  • Safety: NCM Battery has risk of fire or explosion. However,lithium iron phosphate batteries can withstand punctures, short circuits, and will not spontaneously ignite after the collision.
  • High temperature tolerance :LFP batteries can perform in wide range of temperature below 60°C. For NCM battery is ordinary no more than 45°C.
  • Long cycle span: The cycle life of LifePO4 is 3000, whereas NCM is around 1000.
  • Warranty: As the higher cycle life, so warranty for LifePO4 battery is also higher compared to NCM Battery .Consequently from long term, LifePO4 battery make your vehicle perform longer.
  • Full charge tolerance: If kept at high voltage for a prolonged time, Lithium phosphate is less stressed than other lithium-ion systems. And when in full charge conditions,Li-phosphate is more tolerant.
  • Eco-friendly : For producing, LFP batteries need less energy, and have less impact on the environment than NCM batteries.The manufacturers insists.

Advantages of NCM Battery:car battery

High energy density: Because of higher lithium diffusion rate and electron mobility of NCM battery, it features higher power rating and energy density. In addition they have lesser space requirement,so NCM batteries are preferred in electric vehicles at present.

Low price: The price of the NCM battery pack is little cheaper than LFP. In a battery pack it takes less NCM cells to fulfill, because the cell voltage of NCM is 3.7 whereas LFP is 3.2V. That’s why the NCM is cheaper,and for this reason,it get more users.

Battery thermal management to vehicles

Power batteries are crucial in electric vehicles , but they are more valuable and sensitive to temperature at present. For instance,the normal operating temperature is directly from 0 to 45°C for current NCM lithium battery.If the battery temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the battery thermal failure and battery spontaneous combustion. Therefore,it is important control the battery temperature. At present, there are mainly three ways : air cooling, water cooling and direct cooling. And water cooling technology is relatively mature.

Battery protection configuration to vehicles

Most of the power batteries are installed on the chassis of the vehicle,which is prone to collision in the process of use.Therefore, it’s important to improve the safety performance of power battery under collision. There are two aspects to increase protection configuration, one aspect is increase the hardness of the battery case and add some mechanical protection measures. Another is to add battery control to the circuit after a collision. Like Bosch,they have developed a power cable ,with which can cut off the power during a collision, thus to to prevent short-circuit and spontaneous combustion.


For environmental protection, electric vehicles will be more and more popular. The safety of power battery is very important for electric vehicles, so more attention should be paid to the safety of power battery when choosing electric vehicles. The choice of battery is up to you, but we would prefer to recommend lithium iron phosphate batteries.


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