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OSM Golfcart Lithium ion battery with latest LiFePo4 technology with integrated golf cart battery system. They are designed to replace the lead-acid battery, which are available for drop-in replacement in the Club Car and EZ-GO etc. vehicles nicely.

Golf Cart Lithium ion Batteries -Ready to use

lithium ion golf cart battery

A Drop In Replacement from Lead Acid, Gel or AGM Batteries. If you are considering upgrading your Golf Cart with state of the art lithium-ion battery technology, You can always purchase a ready to use battery pack from OSM. 36v or 48v completely battery pack system. You dont need to do additional paralle or in series installation to increase the risk.

Why Lithium ion battery?

• Bluetooth monitoring Is the most advantage features applied on battery packs. With built in Bluetooth features, user can easy monitor the battery state in terms of charging, discharge and protection details. All these just simply finished on the app of your mobile phone.

• OSM Battery Management System (BMS) enhances its intelligence, offers better adaptability and strengthens it to withstand high temperatures.

• The high energy density makes the battery pack so small and much less weight! With such a small battery, it will generate the equaly energy with the big traditional batteries. As they say, LiFePO4 batteries are made for a larger capacity, lighter weight, longer life, and more capabilities.

• It is drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries charge more rapidly when compared to them. Way earlier than the former ones! It may be noted that its fast charging should not be confused with an equal discharging rate. It gives you ample power supply.

• This gadget offers an exquisite and exceptional performance is expected by under high temperatures. Its trouble-free portability aids in reaching far off places where there are extreme climatic conditions.

• Although LiFePO4 batteries follow a similar charging profile, that is, CC/CV, they still produce a faster charging rate. The probable reason is the non-requirement of maintenance floating charge.

• LiFePO4 batteries for sale are available online. Unlike other heavy loaded ones, they quickly reach you at your doorstep.

VS   points LiFePo4 Battery   OSM Golf Li+ Lead-Acid Battery (48v 175Ah)
Cycle Life More then 5000 times Less then 500 times
Lifetime 10 years 1-2 years
maintenance No need Regular water   filling, maintenance, and checks
chargeing   time Quick charge-up to   2.5 hour/ standard charge- 5 hours 12 hours
charging   frequence No memory effect, can   charge it anytime, any battery level charge everyday after   using and discharge
weight 95.2 lbs (43.2kg)/   golf cart 397 lbs (180kg)/ golf   cart
safety Multiple built-in   protection by heavy duty BMS Gas inside may cause   explosion
Eco Friendly Green energy no   pollution Lead is harmful
LiFe cycle More benefits, less   man-hours costs Less benefits, more   man-hours cost

Looking for Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer?

Looking for new golf cart batteries? Want the best performance out of your golf cart? OSM Energy technology is your best choice! We provide OSM brand and also OEM service.

In order for your golf cart to operate efficiently and safely, you need to have strong and healthy batteries! Traditional lead-acid golf cart batteries have a useful life of roughly 5 years. So if your batteries are older than 5 years old, chances are they may have just died on you or you are beginning to see the signs they’re not at “peak” performance.

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golf cart

The Lithium Golf cart Battery Advantage

Long life cycles

A lithium Golf cart battery can take a lot more punishment than lead acid, and usually last 2-4x longer as a result (some have even reported lasting 10x longer). They can also be discharged past 80% state of charge while lead acid batteries can only be discharged down to 50% before it does damage to the battery.

Our lithium ion Golfcart batteries are rated to last 5,000 cycles, which should easily last 10 years, and up to 50, assuming 100 cycles per year. Even after 5,000 cycles, they’re still capable of producing 70% of their rated capacity. Lead acid batteries are rated to last around 400 cycles and should last 2-6 years, but often last less when people fail to give their lead acid batteries enough attention and maintenance. And once they hit their 300 to 500 cycle limit, they need to be replaced.

Much light and smaller size

Most of the time, you don’t want carry a heavy battery on the golf cart. For example, if a 300 Ah usable capacity lead acid battery bank surpasses the hitch weight limit of your towing vehicle (400+ lbs adds up quick, after all), you need to find a lighter option.

OSM Lithium Golf cart batteries weigh roughly ⅓ of a similarly sized lead acid battery. So a lithium Golf cart battery bank with 300Ah usable capacity will should weigh around 150 lbs, which leaves you with a lot more wiggle room.

Faster Charge

Lithium (LiFePO4) golf cart batteries charge 4 to 6 times faster than lead acid batteries, because they can accept higher charge currents. They also have a built in battery management system to keep the battery from overcharging.

More Efficient Charge

It will take a much larger and more expensive solar setup to charge a lead acid battery bank as fast as a similarly sized lithium ion deep cycle battery bank. LiFePO4 batteries have a 99% charge efficiency, while lead acid sits at 85%.

Power Your Competition With Reliable OSM Lithium Golf cart Battery

Maintenance Free

Lead acid batteries are still pouplar used for golf cart,  One of the most frustrating things is their endless need for attention — constant cleaning, corrosion removal, electrolyte replenishment (for wet cell lead acid batteries) — it adds up! And the sum of this equation, for many, is a simple “too much.” Lithium provides an excellent alternative, because they require exactly zero maintenance.

No Fumes, No Venting

Lead acid batteries need to be stored in an outside compartment with vents because they give off toxic vapors, which makes it difficult to store them properly.

Our lithium golf cart batteries, on the other hand, can be stored practically wherever they fit. They don’t give off toxic fumes of any kind — no fumes, no venting.

Smaller Size

OSM Lithium Golf cart batteries don’t just light. They take up less space too. If you need to place your battery bank inside a small compartment, lithium may (literally) be a better fit for you.

Know Your Battery Status

Ever wish your battery had some kind of health bar to show you it’s status? Well, OSM golf Batteries bluetooth app will do you one better. With this app, you’ll know your battery levels with a couple well-placed taps. And then some.

To start, this app connects to your battery to show you how much life your battery has, and how long it’ll take to fully charge. It also gives you useful battery information like voltage, current, temperature, and the current charging status of your battery (charge, discharge, standby). You can drill all the way down into the status of each individual cell in the battery.

Manufactured with most stable technology

Our batteries are manufactured with our prismatic 3.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Explosion Proof 50 or 55ah Cell. Battery cells connected with laster welding technology together for a firm connection and more electrical conductivity compared to bolt screwed type or heat welding. Our cells are among the safest on the planet with multiple redundancy features.

NOMINAL CAPACITY 56Ah 105Ah 56Ah 105Ah
STORED ENERGY (Wh/kg) 2.15kWh 4.03kWh 2.8kWh 5.3kWh
DIMENSION (L*W*H)cm 38.5*33.8*24.5 38.5*33.8*24.5 46*33.4*23.2 46*33.4*23.2
WEIGHT lbs.(kg) 59 (27) 75 (34) 77 (35) 96(43.6)
TYPICAL MILEAGE PER FULL CHARGE Up to 15-20 miles Up to 30-40 miles Up to 20-30 miles Up to 40-50 miles
MAXIMUM DISCHARGE 200A (10S) 200A (10S) 200A (10S) 200A (10S)
QUICK CHARGE 2.0h 2.0h 2.0h 2.5h
STANDARD CHARGE 2.5h 5.0h 2.5h 5.0h
LIFE CYCLES >3500 times >3500 times >3500 times >3500 times
SELF DISCHARGE PER MONTH Max 3% Max 3% Max 3% Max 3%
CELL ASSEMBLY LF105 (3.2V 105Ah) LF80A (3.2V 82Ah) LF80A (3.2V 82Ah) LF105 (3.2V 105Ah)
CASING MATERIAL Metal Metal Metal Metal
CHARGE 32°F~131°F ( 0°C ~ 55°C)
DISCHARGE -4°F~131°F ( -20°C ~ 55°C)
STORAGE ( 1 MONTH ) -4°F~113°F ( -20°C ~ 45°C)
STORAGE ( 1 YEAR ) -32°F~95°F ( 0°C ~ 35°C)


OSM Golf Li+ design life of the golf cart battery is 15 years and OSM will offer you a five-year warranty.
OSM golf cart battery can save up to 70% expenditures for you in five years.
Below is the 10-year expenditure contrast table between OSM Golf Li+ lithium battery and lead-acid battery.


Heavy Duty Battery Management System basic function

BMS Specifications

  • Individual Cell Monitoring & Balancing System
  • SoC, SoH, Life Cycle Monitoring
  • Self-diagnostics function(optional)
  • Battery SOC Indicator
  • Data Recording(optional)
  • Adjustable & adaptive input/output power controller
  • RS485 Communication
  • Rapid Charging
  • Smart Charging
  • Custom function base on actual project requirement

Protection Circuit

  • Current Sensor
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Circuit Breaker/ Fuse
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Force Reset Button
  • more function base on actual project

Thermal Management System Design

Thermal Management System Design

Thermal Management System installation

Apply with most stable battery heating system, controled by main BMS
development of thermal management systems at OSM Technology

Battery system can work at low tem area by OSM Actively control the battery pack temperature and expand
the battery pack environment adaptability

Cost of lithium ion golf cart batteries

Many customers come as ask for the prices cost of Lithium ion (iron phosphate) battery for golfcart. Well, the price of lithium ion golf cart batteries will absolutely depending on the voltage and capacity you required. Based on the 2021 newest updated price on LiFePo4 golfcart batteries.

The most popular model like 51v 105ah (OSM model with 51.2v 110Ah). The price will be proximately USD250/kwh. And the price will be different for many different reasons. golf cart owners, Golf cart manufacturer, Golf cart dealers and battery distributors. OSM has a completely price system on the models is marketing. Please contact us directly to send your inquiry. We would glad to provide exactly price and cost for the golf cart lithium ion batteries for you.

The Most reliable Lithium golfcart OEM factory from China.

We are the premiere online retailer of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, which last 3x – 5x as long as traditional lead-acid batteries, and can fully charge up in as little as 2-3 hours (compared to 8 hours with traditional golf cart batteries).

So if you need fresh EZ-GO golf cart batteries, Club Car Batteries, or a new Yamaha golf cart battery – we’ve got you covered! Get your 48-volt golf cart batteries package or 36-volt golf cart batteries package today, and get your cart back up and running!

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When it comes Lithium iron phosphate batteries, OSM energy golf cart batteries are the industry leader in China. OSM Golf Li+ is one of the best golf cart batteries on the market.