48v 50ah battery

OSM battery, the Lifepo4 battery manufacturer, has released the new compact and affordable 48v lithium ion battery Ground Eco that provides homeowners with a premium OSM solution in flexible features.

The OSM Ground Eco is a 48v lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)battery for usage with an external inverter. Thanks to its modular design the Battery grows with its requirements:
• LFPECO2800 (2.6 kWh)
• LFPECO5600 (5.2 kWh)
• LFPECO11200 (10.4 kWh)
All OSM Ground Ecosystem can be extended with the 48v lithium ion battery modules LFPECO2800 at any time. In series connection of 2 – 8 battery modules. And in parallel can add max 16 modules.

How does 48v li-on battery the work?

For the use of 48v lithium iron phosphate batteries, monitoring by an inverter to charge and discharge. They are not generating electricity, but storing energy from the grid or solar energy. In the event of a power outage, the 48v lithium ion battery will discharge, creating a self-sustaining personal grid that uses the stored energy to power your home.

Key things to know about the 48v lifepo4 battery


Ground eco size 1

The OSM Ground Eco is a lithium-ion storage product. Specifically, it is 48v lifepo4 battery. This is one of the most common lithium-ion battery technologies, and for good reason: relative to other types of batteries, LFP batteries are known for their high energy density (the amount of energy they can store relative to the physical space they take up) and increased safety.


The dimension(W/H/D) of B is 420mm* 207mm*420mm, just like a small table, which can easily matches with your furniture. With a ground stand design. OSM 48v LiFePo4 solar battery can be installed to any place you want at home or office. Easy to move.

Power and Capacity

One module of OSM Ground Eco capacity is 2.6kwh, the battery power is 50ah,voltage 51.2v. LFPECO-L used in parallel, max parallel to 16 packs. And LFPECO-H used in series ,can series to 2-8 modules. The best-selling is adding 4 modules to get a 48v 10kw lifepo4 battery module.

Flexible to plus

Due to the flexible design of this battery, you can easily increase this 48v battery. Extend anytime,
adapt to new requirements.

Warranty coverage

Warranty period: 10 years
Guaranteed end of warranty capacity: 70%

With 10 years long warranty time, just enjoy your no worry electricity  time.


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