German PV Is Expected To Expand At Around 10 To 15GW Per Year In The Next Ten Years

From solar panels to solar energy storage and solar collectors, the number of rooftop installations in Germany has increased by 25% in 2020. This is due to increased consumer demand for greater energy independence, lower solar technology prices, improved subsidy conditions, and the increasing popularity of electric cars. According to the German Solar Energy Association, further improvement of PV technology is expected to achieve climate goals in the near future and avoid power shortages.

BSW is confident about solar energy

The German Solar Energy Association (BSW) said on Wednesday that compared with 2019, the  solar  PV roof installations have increased by 25% in 2020, and this trend is expected to continue this year.

BSW pointed out while the past year has also been challenging for the German solar industry, it has finally succeeded due to the removal of some market barriers, and emphasized that no other energy source will have more robust power generation growth in 2020 than solar energy.

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PV is about to legislative period

Good growth PV conditions also give the solar industry confidence for 2021 and the upcoming legislative period. Managing Director of BSW expects the German government, in agreement with the EU, to significantly increase the pace of climate targets and solarisation before the German parliamentary elections. By shifting some energy policy levers, the installation speed can be doubled in time and the dependence on subsidies can be reduced.

BSW believes that in order to prevent the expansion of the power generation gap, it is necessary to double or triple the annual PV expansion rate. The association said: “Market researchers expect that this situation will occur within two to three years due to the existing decision to phase out nuclear power and coal, as well as the foreseeable increase in electricity demand.”BSW cited a recent survey by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE),”in order to meet the climate targets currently proposed by the EU,the expansion of solar power generation (depending on consumer behavior) must accelerate to around 10-15GW per year in the near future. And by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 55%.”


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