OSM Energy’s lab center build with the standard of IEC61960, IEEE-1725, UL2054, UL1642, etc. In term of the related standard of EU and North American countries, the test center can provide testing and certification services for the products of lithium ion battery, four-high-one-low battery (high energy density, high temperature, high pressure, high rate and low self-discharging), special-shaped battery, storage battery, special battery, etc.
There are secure lab, environmental laboratory, ecology lab, power supply lab, electrical property lab and photovoltaic energy storage lab in the test center of Large Power equipped with advanced test facilities and instruments, so that it can finish whole-project test certification for raw & auxiliary material, parts and battery module. The testing technology meets the global standard.

battery pack test

Battery Test 1

lfp battery test

Battery Test 2

li ion battery test

Battery Test 3

Lithium battery test

Battery Test 4

Forcus on Top-end quality production

The biggest concern about Lithium batteries is the safty. OSM Energy put all effect from cell production to Final pack. From hardware to software in BMS and pack design. Make sure our battery is 100% safe before customer recieve them. Work with OSM Energy feel so much easy and relax.

cell test