Spain Injects 180 Million Euros To Subsidize Renewable Energy Projects

What is renewable energy: Renewable energy includes solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, biomass energy, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy, geothermal energy, etc. They can be recycled in nature. They are inexhaustible and inexhaustible energy. They will regenerate automatically without human involvement.

Before the development of coal in the mid-19th century, all the energy used is renewable. In addition to nuclear energy, tidal energy, and geothermal energy, the basic energy source for human activities mainly comes from sunlight. Fossil energy such as biomass and coal, oil, and natural gas are mainly stored by absorbing solar energy through photosynthesis of plants. Other things like wind, water power, ocean currents, etc. are also the result of sunlight heating the air and water on the earth.

Nowadays, solar power and wind power are more common, but now they are slowly being promoted in the world. Solar power generation, combined with photovoltaic panel power generation, and battery storage can provide sufficient clean energy for everyone.

In 2020 , the Spanish Ministry of Energy and Environment recently stated that Spain will inject 181 million euros of national funds into renewable energy projects in seven regions , aimed at promoting employment and reducing carbon emissions.

This subsidy is part of a package of 316 million euros that Spain will spend to fund innovative projects, and this amount can be supplemented with EU recovery funds.

Spain, which has plenty of solar energy, has been a vocal advocate of the EU’s plans to use low-carbon investments to combat the economic damage caused by the coronavirus, especially in its traditionally strong tourism and car industries.

The Spanish Ministry of Finance said in a statement projects that can benefit from subsidies include those that use sunlight, wind, biomass and renewable gas (including hydrogen), to generate electricity in sectors such as agriculture, industry, and services.

The Spanish government predicts that its carbon reduction plan will require a total investment of 200 billion euros in the next ten years , of which 47 billion will come from the public sector.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Finance, the 181 million euros of funds will encourage the private sector to invest 551 million euros and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 712,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year. The decision on which projects could receive subsidies will take into account demographic challenges as well as the welfare of workers in areas affected by renewable energy.

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