The Price of Golf Cart Batteries

In recent years, with the development of lithium batteries, many golf carts are gradually leaning towards lithium batteries, but the current price of lithium batteries is relatively expensive compared to other batteries. So what affects the price of golf cart batteries? There are many factors such as: work life span, warranty, quality, chemistry. Learn more about the cost and why it is set within a certain range, so that there will not be any unexpected results.

2021 Price determinants from China supplier

The price of a golf cart battery can be over $1,500,  based on 48 volt 100ah, according to golf cart resources. Why is the pricing gap so large? Several factors determine the final price together, for instance:

  • Type of battery. Lead acid or lithium ion battery?
  • Amount voltage and capacity. The most popular 38v, 48v and 72v.
  • Cost of Installation. Battery casing and design

Golf cart batteries work differently from standard car batteries. When provide power to a golf cart, the battery is providing power to every part of the drive. Normally the golf cart batteries 48v is enough. The car battery will only start the engine first, and then the engine will start working.

Golf cart batteries can can usually last for five years or more, so they are also a good investment . Try your best to care of them as much as possible.

Battery pack Benefit

According to the power design of the golf cart, you can install 8 or more batteries in a cart. No golf cart has only one battery. When you look under the hood , you will see a battery pack with a series of connections between them. This power supply design utilizes the power of each battery. As a unit, they provide reliable power.

A single cell in the battery pack may be damaged. According to your budget, you need to choose a best solution. While replacing the entire package at once is expensive, but over time, it will be more expensive to replace cell by cell.

Look through the cycle

When you consider to purchasing battery, take a closer look at the number of cycles in the battery advertisement. High-quality batteries can be recycled more than 1,000 times. This term refers to the number of times the battery is charged and discharged. Know that you get what you pay for.

High-capacity cycles golf cart batteries will be more expensive. That is to say you have to pay more money first, but they will last longer than those batteries with shorter cycles and cheaper prices. So that before choosing a battery,you’d better consider your habits. The cart will need a high-quality power supply every day of its use.

golf cart

Option for golf cart batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the oldest rechargeable battery in existence ,which was invented in 1859 by a French physician Gaston Planté and still existing in the market.The system consists of lead plates immersed in sulfuric acid solution, to provide a reliable instant power supply to equipment and devices.The low cost and excellent high-surge currents bring them a huge market.

Lithium ion golf cart battery is excellent for renewable energy uses. Sonny first produced it commercially in 1991.Compared with previous technologies, this technology is extremely stable and high performance. Lithium ions have six different chemical reactions, each with its own unique properties.Technological differences lead to differences between lead-based and lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are clearly an improvement over lead-based batteries.

Benefits of lead-based batteries

  • Stable performance: With years of efforts, most shortcomings of it have been overcome.The advantages of lead-acid batteries lie in power and performance.
  • Non-flammable: Lead-acid batteries are not flammable, very safe to use, they are designed under standard pressure, very safe to use, no explosion risk.
  • High voltage: Lead-acid batteries ensure stable high-voltage power supply, which are suitable for hybrid vehicles and applications requiring high discharge rates.
  • Suit variety needs: Unique for peak load and valley clipping,Excellent for applications requiring peak performance of shallow charge and discharge, etc.
  • Easy maintenance: Because of the simple composition and availability of parts, lead-acid batteries are easy to maintain.

Benefits of lithium batteries

  • No maintenance: Unlike lead-acid batteries,they are maintenance-free.
  • Lighter wight: Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight, can makes your cart lighter, it is also the ideal option for a luxury electric golf cart.
  • Adequate power: An adequate supply of electricity. Because of its powerful power output,you don’t need to worry about your cart can not climbing hills.
  • Load characteristics: The load characteristics of a lithium ion battery are quite good. As the last charge is used,they still provide a constant 3.6 volts per cell before falling off.
  • No requirement for priming: When some battery receive their first charge,they need to be primed. One advantage of lithium-ion batteries is that it is no requirement for this.

The Difference between Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries

An important difference between lithium ion battery for golf cart and lead-acid batteries does not leak liquid. Because lithium batteries have no liquid, they will not corrode the external machinery that comes in contact with them. However, lead-acid batteries are different, because of the liquid, there is still a risk of leakage. Therefore, the use of lead-acid batteries requires regular maintenance.

Since the weight of lithium ion battery for golf cart is only a small part of lead-acid batteries, golf carts driven by lithium-ion batteries have obvious advantages in power-to-weight ratio. This means that the car can carry more weight and reach higher speeds without affecting performance or power degradation.

Normally, to fully recharge a lead-acid battery need eight hours. However, with one-hour charge,a lithium ion golf cart can be recharged up to 80 percent, and 100 percent no more than four hours. In addition, partially charged lead-acid batteries are vulnerable to sulfuric acid damage, which means if the golf cart is charged below 100 percent, the battery life is significantly reduced. Lithium ion golf carts, by contrast, don’t have any negative effects. This meaning users can “recharge” their vehicles by plugging them into a charger for a quick charge, which can quickly restore a lot of power to the battery system, rather than the lengthy charging cycle required for lead-acid batteries.

With lead-based batteries,you’ll experience less use time with a higher cost. Currently, they aren’t recyclable . Most experts agree lead-based batteries should be put aside for this application. From long turn, lithium ion battery for golf cart are the best choice.

Improved technology48v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries

In order to avoid accidentally over-charged or over-depleted ,lithium ion battery for golf cart are equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS).BMS continuously monitors the battery to keep its parameters within the optimal working range.

The BMS system compares the overall condition, energy reserve and temperature with its life of the battery. If the temperature of the energy storage unit is too high, multiple safety circuits will prevent the temperature of the energy storage unit from becoming too high.

Another cell monitoring circuit (CSC) will monitor each cell, which helps ensure optimal performance. This means improved safety, reliability, and reduced cart downtime due to battery maintenance.


OSM lithium-ion 48v 105ah battery pack (LiFePo4), built-in intelligent advanced BMS patented technology. Multiple protection voltage, current, temperature, short circuit, provide customers with worry-free power supply.