Lithium Batteries For Golf Carts

The perfect partner for important parts of golf carts must belong to lithium iron phosphate battery. For they are standard in sizes, and can be connected by wires. They are lighter than lead-acid batteries, and can provide four times more electricity for passenger ships, creating perfect electrical performance in the fairway.

Types of golf cart battery

There are 3 basic types of golf cart batteries and they are all different.

1 Lead-acid batteries
There are two types, one is flooded lead-acid batteries,the other one is gel lead-acid batteries. These are the most common battery types, come in multiple sizes, are not sealed, and are versatile. These batteries have lead plates based on sulfuric acid. Some countries are not manufacture these batteries anymore due to the environmental issues.

2 AGM Lead-Acid Batteries
A fiberglass separator is used to keep the electrolyte in place, these are a new design when it comes to batteries but are considered very durable. Spill-proof and resistant to any vibrations these batteries can withstand rough use.

3 Lithium Batteries
Lithium batteries for golf carts are excellent for golf carts uses. Sonny first produced Lithium batteries commercially in 1991. Compared with previous technologies, this technology is extremely stable and high performance. Lithium batteries for golf carts normally use 48v golf cart battery.

Benefits of lithium power packs for electric golf cart golf cart

Smaller size
Lithium ion golf cart batteries are half the size and weight of lead-acid batteries, it makes golf carts with have a significant power-to-weight ratio enhancement. This means that the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less effort, and can carry more weight without the power fading and the performance diminishing.

Maintenance free
One of the main benefits of lithium-ion batteries is that they do not require any maintenance, whereas other batteries require regular checks and maintenance. So,man hours and the extra costs of maintenance tools and products are saved. No lead acid means on your golf cart is greatly reduced and chemical leaks are avoided.

Fast charging
Normally, a battery to fully recharge need eight hours. However, with one-hour charge, a li-ion battery can be recharged up to 80 percent, and 100 percent no more than four hours. In addition, partially charged lead-acid batteries are vulnerable to sulfuric acid damage, which means if the golf cart is charged below 100 percent, the battery life is significantly reduced. lithium power packs for electric golf cart, by contrast, don’t have any negative effects. This meaning users can “recharge” their vehicles by plugging them into a charger for a quick charge, which can quickly restore a lot of power to the battery system, rather than the lengthy charging cycle required for lead-acid batteries.

Cycle span
Compared to 500 and 1000 for lead based batteries, lithium batteries have a higher life cycle between 2000 and 5000 times.

There is no hazardous material captained in li-ion batteries. But, lead-acid batteries, just like the name,contain lead which is harmful to the environment. However,they are both recyclable.

How to Charge lithium ion golf cart batteries

Lithium-ion battery packs or battery chargers include various mechanisms to prevent damage and danger. These mechanisms are usually set in the battery pack and can then be used with a simple charger. Trickle charger for golf cart batteries is good for protecting lithium golf cart battery.

How to recondition a golf cart battery

  • Step 1 –Testing the voltage
    The first step is using a multimeter to measure the voltage. Li-ion batteries have a so-called sleep mode, which activates when you consume too much battery. So, if the battery has been discharged in the device you are using, and it continues to discharge, this may prevent the battery from recharging.
  • Step 2 – Fully charge the battery
    Insert the battery into the lithium ion golf cart battery charger and fully charge it. This takes about 3 hours, depending on the type of lithium battery you are replacing. Then you will want to discharge the lithium battery again. If possible, you should do this on a device, which will put a heavy load on the battery. Such as LED flashlights.
  • Step 3-Freeze your discharged lithium battery.
    Next, you need to seal the lithium ion golf cart battery in a sealed bag, like a zipper lock. Then put it in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. To prevent the battery from getting wet make sure that there is no moisture in the bag . The next day, when you take the battery out of the refrigerator, you want it to thaw before you do other things. So let it return to room temperature for 6-8 hours.

After that, you want to fully charge the lithium battery with your trickle charger for golf cart batteries, and you should see its performance greatly improved. It will now be charged again, hoping to last longer between charging cycles. Therefore we finished how to recondition a golf cart battery.

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