In 2021, OSM Battery successfully launched a Rechargeable lithium ion lifepo4 battery 12v 150ah. This 12v 150ah LiFePo4 battery with the smallest size currently on the market. Just only 1/2 size of a lead-acid battery. With the same dimension, lead-acid battery just can be 12V 70Ah.

At present, there are more and more rechargeable lithium ion battery brands of substitute lead-acid batteries on the market. There are a variety of cells to produce this kind of battery. Some use cylindrical cells, some use pouch cells and some use prismatic cells. The battery sizes made by different cells are also different. Some can even have a display screen and Bluetooth and other functions, but these products on the market do not have obvious advantages. Because consumers are most concerned about factors such as price, function, quality, and size.

Advantages of OSM 12v 150ah battery

OSM launched lifepo4 battery 12v 150ah deep cycle battery has great advantages in these aspects about price, function, quality, and size.

12v 150ah battery price

  •  The price in U.S. dollars is 1272 U.S. dollars

  • The price in US dollars is 470 US dollars

EUR price

  • OSM battery, the price starts at US$ 375

OSM 12v 150ah price

Function of OSM 12v 150ah deep cycle battery

Regarding lithium battery 12v 150ah function, OSM rechargeable lithium ion battery supports 4 packs in parallel, which effectively improves the capacity of the battery.

At the same time, it can also be equipped with screen display and Bluetooth.

The battery size of OSM battery is smaller than other products.

12v 150ah dimension

With the same size, the Lead-acid batteries maximum can be 12v 70ah, while OSM 12v 150ah deep cycle battery can achieve 12V 150Ah. Which is obviously different from other brands in the market. And OSM use the most popular prismatic lithium iron phosphate cell to assemble the battery, which makes the battery is possible to use more than 5000 times, it can meet the needs of more than 5 years of use.

Their cells were subjected to various experiments and extrusion to ensure the safety of products.

battery cell testing

After the analysis of OSM 12v 150ah rechargeable lithium ion battery in price, quality, size, OSM still has obvious advantages in all aspects. So such high-quality lithium ion battery is a good choice. If you are interested in OSM 12v 150ah lifepo4 battery, please feel free to contact us.