Many countries around the world are experiencing power shortages. The main reason is that power is not stable enough. In February 2021, a large-scale snow disaster in Texas caused a power outage of 170,000 residents, and some people even froze to death. However, in the Middle East, due to the lack of electricity caused by the high temperature, some residents have died due to the high temperature. The energy problem is now the biggest problem all around the world. OSM hopes to help customers solve their energy problems by providing them with the right energy storage solution.

OSM 768v 230kwh high voltage battery systems

The storage of electricity is a product that many countries and people urgently needs. The distributed energy storage high voltage lithium ion battery launched by OSM can provide a concentrated commercial power solution for hotels, restaurants, schools, and villas. The 768V 230kwh energy storage system can provide sufficient power in many scenarios to meet customer demand. It can match PCS with 30KW 60KW 100KW power to meet the power supply of various customers. They have successfully delivered more than a dozen sets of such products in Europe and South America. This commercial energy storage system covers some accessories such as EMS, PCS, BMS, etc. For customers, they only need to use solar panel or grids to charge the system. Lots of them like to use the Charge it at night and discharge at peak time to save electricity budget.

Energy storage case

The following pictures are some cases of actual INSTALLATION of OSM energy storage battery.

High voltage solution 1

Project in the Czech Republic.

High voltage solution 2

Project in Ireland

Each battery cluster is high voltage lithium ion battery 768V 76.8kwh, which can be increased to 153kwh 230kwh 307.2kwh 384kwh according to customer requirements, and the power can be increased continuously.

The advantages of OSM battery

In the past, for such a system, customers had to purchase batteries, inverter PCS and other components separately. But OSM matched them together. So that, with the energy storage solution, the whole system can be tuned properly. When customer receiving the system, as long as they according to the requirements of the installation, it can be used normally. This saves the customer a lot of unnecessary trouble. At the same time, it also helps customers save money. Since the high voltage battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery, it is safer and more reliable and has a longer service life.

A mature high voltage energy storage solutions like OSM will gradually be favored by more and more users. And they will help more people to solve the problem of electricity shortage. If you are in need of energy storage solution, please feel free to contact us.