At present, wall-mounted 48v lithium ion batteries are popular in the market of home energy storage. So a lot of company imitated Tesla powerwall to launch a variety of products, including 5kwh wall-mounted battery, 10kwh battery.  And there are many kinds of batteries like  3U 4U battery rack battery, it’s also very popular for industrial users. However, today, OSM recommends to users their Ground eco 48v 8.4kwh stackable battery, which is quite different from traditional wall-mounted batteries.

The common battery on market

The common battery style wall mounted and rack mounted batteries on the market.

powerwall-10k 48v lithium battery

                                                        Wall mounted battery

                                                Rack mounted battery

OSM Ground station 48v lithium ion batteries

1. Energy 8.4kwh per module

OSM launched a removable and stackable battery with energy 8.4kwh per module.

energy storage battery ground station factory picture

2. Stackable battery to get a higher energy use

According to customer’s requirements, Ground station 48v lithium ion batteries can be stacked into 2 modules, 3 modules, 4 modules, even 5 modules. Respectively, the energy can reach 16.8kwh 25.2kwh 33.kwh 42kwh, which can meet the electricity demand of most families on the market.

3. Easy installation

This stackable battery is also very convenient to assemble, which does not take up space and is a good choice to put in garage and basement. Compared to other batteries, this one doesn’t need to break walls in terms of installation. If you add a bearing tray to the battery, the battery can be moved easily.

4. Compatible with many inverters

It is compatible with many inverters on the market like BYD, Goodwe, Deye…Fronius, SolarEdge, SMA Sunny Boy,Sungrow,Huawei,FIMER,solax,delta, enphase, pylon tech,luxpower. As for the life cycle, it has more than 6000 cycles, which means it can use at least 10 years.

Global Market of OSM stackable battery

At present, OSM Battery 51.2V 165Ah has been sold to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, South Africa, Thailand, Australia and many other countries, all customers are very satisfied with this 48v lithium battery.

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