For many families, they often encounter power outages. So there are lots of people choose to install energy storage systems to powering their house. Usually, they charge their batteries when the power is stable and start discharging during power outages or peak periods. For most residential users, some people like lead acid battery, many other people like 48v lifepo4 battery.

Popular batteries on the market

Lead-acid battery

For the batteries, because of the cheap prices, many users preferring to use lead-acid battery. However, after one or two year later, they began to worry that lead-acid batteries could not meet their needs. Because after about two years the battery life began to decline, and it could not provide good storage.

Lithium lifepo4 battery

However, there are not only lead-acid batteries on the market, but also lithium batteries. Lithium 48v lifepo4 battery is popular because of their long life cycle, but their slightly higher price makes some people balk at them.

Comparison about lead-acid battery and lithium lifepo4 battery

We will make a comparison about lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries to explore their pros and cons.

Pros and cons of lead-acid battery

The advantages of lead-acid batteries are cheap and easy to assemble.

The disadvantages of lead-acid batteries are that they do not meet environmental protection requirements, have a large size, low storage power, short life, furthermore they need to add battery fluid every once in a while.

Pros and cons of  lithium lifepo4 battery

The advantages of lithium lifepo4 battery are: long cycle life, small size, and they are environmentally friendly.

The disadvantage of lithium lifepo4 battery is: the price is a little expensive.

OSM 48v lifepo4 battery user in the Netherlands

We have a user Mr.Gerhard in the Netherlands. His family had used lithium lead acid battery of 12V 50AH, a system consisting of 10 such lead acid batteries. In ordinary times, they are usually used to power his home. But batteries need constant maintenance. Since Mr.Gerhard chose OSM 48v lifepo4 battery to replace his lead acid battery, the battery has a much smaller size and beautiful visual effect, which makes Mr.Gerhard very happy. The system has been running for more than a year without any problems, and he says he will soon install the same battery system again for his new house.

If you are also need a 48v lithium lifepo4 battery solution for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us!