What is a home solar storage battery system?

Many families suffer from power instability and power outages. So there are more and more people trying to use environmentally friendly solar storage battery systems. However, what are the components of this solar system? At present, there are three main products of this system: photovoltaic panels, inverters and lithium batteries.

Solar battery storage system composition

Solar panels collect electricity, store it in batteries, and distribute it to home appliances through inverters.

PV panels

most common products currently in the market are monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels. And monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels are favored by most customers.

solar panel


There are two main types in the market : off-grid and grid-connected inverters. Most users are choosing off-grid inverter. So, on sunny days, the inverter can charge the battery directly from solar. In the absence of illumination, the inverter uses the grid to charge a solar storage battery. And the stored electricity can be used during power outages or peak periods.inverter


The current market of batteries for solar storage is mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium ion batteries, and now more and more users choose lithium ion batteries as the first choice for solar storage, because of safety and long service life.solar storage battery 10kwh

OSM Solar Storage battery system solution to Mr. Morten In Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, Mr. Morten often encountered power outages. He installed a 2000w photovoltaic system for himself in his home. And he chose monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels that can generate about 2kwh per hour.

Furthermore, he chose a 5kw inverter. Which can meet the daily needs of his family.

At the same time, he equipped with OSM Ground Eco 2.8kwh lithium ion battery *4, which is 11.2kwh in total.

OSM solar battery storage solution

OSM Ground Eco has many advantages, it is convenient for handling and superimposing power at any time. During 2 years of using this system, Mr. Morten says there was nothing wrong with batteries for solar storage. When In the absence of illumination, he uses the grid to charge his solar storage batteries, and during a power outage, the 11.2kwh battery can run his refrigerator, microwave and TV for about two days.

Usually such a system can meet the electricity needs of a normal family.

The following picture can help you to understand the overall energy storage system composition:

solar battery storage system

In fact, a solar storage system is so simple. If you are also in need of energy solution, please feel free to contact us.