How to configs Inverter for my lithium ion energy storage battery?

Energy storage is becoming increasingly important to the our daily life. Lithium-ion battery technology has been implemented in many locations. but how do we configs inverter for our lithium ion energy storage battery?before you figure it out ,you should know consume loads and  discharge current first.

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Consume loads

It is a frequncy asked question by customers. Basic, it depends on the consume loads, the capacity of the inverter should be not less than the appliances used on same time. Let’s say your largest load is a microwave. A typical microwave will draw between 900w -1200w. With this load you would install a minimum of 1500w inverter. This size inverter will allow you to run microwave and have a little leftover for running small items like a phone charger, fan, etc.

Discharge current

On the other hands, you should consider discharge current that a lithium battery can deliver. OSM LiFePo4 battery with internal BMS system is capable of delivering a maximum discharge of 1C. Let’s take OSM powerwall 48V 100AH as an example, the discharge current is 100Amps. When calculating the amp usage of an inverter, you take the output wattage of the inverter and divide it by the low battery cut-off voltage and the inverter efficiency, i.e. 3000W/46V/0.8=81.52Amps.

10kw solar system battery
48v lithium iron phosphate battery side

How to configs Inverter?

So, with this information at hand, a 48V100AH lithium battery can deliver enough energy to operate a maximum of a 3000w inverter.The other question people always want to know is, what if I put 2 x 100Ah batteries together in parallel, can I use a 6000w inverter?The answer is YES. Same way, If you put 3 pcs 48v 100Ah lithium batteries in parallel. The system will allows maximum 9000W inverter.


When a battery reaches/exceeds the maximum current output, the BMS will switch off internally to protect cells from over-discharge. But before BMS, the inverter will switch off the battery because of the smaller output current. We call it double protection.


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