To provide better customer service on Custom Lithium battery packs. OSM Energy Lanched new office in Shenzhen China. We are forcus on providing more effecency communication with customer Marketing Team from new office.

“Our well trained marketing team provide proffesional consultant both in Lithium ion batteries and also sales. Welcome to visit us.”

OSM energy provides multi type service to meet different demand on lithium batteries. We supply Barely cells, Lithium LiFePo4 battery modules, Completely Lithium ion battery pack systems. In additional, we can supply our in house designed Lithium type PCB/BMS and related chargers.

Standard 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt LiFePo4 batteries

Apply with High quality Prismatic phosphate cells. Our cells cycle life exceeded 8000 cycles right now. We have been developed different models like 4S1P, 4S2P, 8S1P, 8S2P, 16S1P, 16S2P for different customer’s applications. These standard pack come with built in Battery management system (BMS And Casing.

Standard battery packs could be a replacement for any 12 volt lead acid batteries. So, just make sure our size is suitable. Anyway, if our standard packs is not able to fit in. Just contact us for

Custom Lithium iron phosphate battery Packs.

A Custom Lithium Iron battery pack will allow you define the size/dimension. This will make sure the battery fit with your application. Besides the dimensions, we can also custom design the charging and discharge current load from the battery pack. Or, maybe you need Temp protection or communication function from the pack. RS232, RS485, CAN bus. Just tell us, we will design and make sure to provide a perfect solution just for you.

If interested please contact us or submit for new technology update on Lithium Iron batteries.