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19″ Rack Mount lithium Battery 3U module 48v 50Ah

OSM Energy 19 inch rack mount lithium battery Battery adopts highly reliable Lithium battery cells for long cycle life (2000+) and consistent performances.The battery packs use advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to enhance system performance, prolong life and warrant safety.

  • Rack mount Flexible installation
  • Prismatic LiFePo4 battery cells
  • Real-time communication interface monitoring
  • Long life cycles

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    Product Descriptions

    Over view of 48v 50Ah 19″ Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery 3U module

    OSM 19″48v 50Ah Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery 3U rack mount lithium battery is made of BCU (Battery Central Unit) and BMU (Battery Management Unit), which could apply to Residential Energy Storage or Computer Data Rom stand-by power. At the same time, this system supports to expand capacity in the same voltage platform through multiple cabinets in parallel, applied to microgrid energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage. A customized battery management system (BMS) adopts real-time data acquisition, real-time data analysis. It has the monitoring and controlling functions, such as detection, early warning, alarm, automotive power-function and etc., as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system, detection, early warning, alarm, and automatic power-function monitoring and control to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system. ODM & OEM Design and service

    Item 19 inch Rack Battery Pack
    Product Name OSM-16S4850 OSM-16S48100 Lithium 3U5000 Battery Lithium 4U8000
    Ah Capacity 51.2V 50Ah 51.2 volt 100ah 51.2v 100Ah 51.2V 150Ah
    Energy Capacity 2.6kWh 5.12 kwh 2kWh 7.8kWh
    Cell Type 3.2V LiFePO4 prismatic cell
    Cell Number 16 cells 32 cells 48 cells
    Cell Capacity 50Ah 10 0Ah 150Ah
    Cell Connection 16S 2P 16S 3P 16S
    Typical Voltage  51.2VDC 51.2VDC 51.2VDC  51.2VDC
    Working Voltage Range  44.8V-57.6V 44.8V-57.6V 44.8V-57.6V  44.8V-57.6V
    Dynamic voltage difference between cells ≤50mv
    Maximum Discharging Current 50A 100A 100A
    Maximum Charging Current 35A 70A 100A
    BMS Integrated Yes
    BMS Communication RS232, RS485, CAN
    BMS Active Equalization Yes
    SOC Range 5% – 95%
    Usable Capacity 2.4kWh 4.8kWh 7.3kWh
    Lifespan 6000 cy cles @ 0.5C
    Warranty 10MWh per kWh BTT or 5 years, which one comes sooner
    Working Temperature Range Chrage : 0℃ ~ 45℃, Dischrage : -20℃ ~ 45℃
    Storage Temperature Range -20℃ – 45℃
    Power Connection IP67 push and plug connector
    Self-consumption 25℃ 40%SOC 2% per month
    Dimensions 3U 300x133x428mm 3.5U 483x150x428mm 4.5U 383x200x620mm
    Weight 25KG 48KG 72KG

    Application of 19 inch rack- mount li ion battery 3U 48v 50Ah module

    3U 48v 50Ah Li ion rack mount lithium battery is a flexiable combination solution. Add more units can increase the voltage or capacity. This can meet different application requirments. Widely used in microgrid energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, computer data ROM stand-by power, UPS and etc.

    Each battery rack has its dedicated battery management circuitry and can be safely used individually or in parallel (to increase capacity) as key storage element in a modern Energy Storage System.
    When used properly these battery racks can provide decade long usable life.


    ● Optimized for photovoltaic applications, using high temperature and high cycle life active materials;
    ● Increased energy in given space;
    ● Parallel connection available for flexible system capacity extension;
    ● High operational reliability;
    ● Optimized supervision strategy through remote control/diagnostic;
    ● Very long life time;
    ● Preventive but not premature replacement at end of life;
    ● Maintenance free throughout lifetime;
    ● Compatible with most of the available hybrid inverters;
    ● Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment;
    ● Conforms to safety standards of IEC62133, CE, UN38.3

    High cycle life and deep cycle ability
    ≥5000 cycles@80% DOD @ (+25°C/+77°F).

    ● Intelligent monitoring
    The monitoring unit checks the charging and discharging current,voltage, battery surface temperature and ambient temperature automatically.

    ● Lightweight, high energy density standby power
    The EverExceed lithium batteries, due to their excellent properties,are the optimal energy storage solution where limited space and weight are important factors.

    ● Safety
    As EverExceed LiFePO4 batteries adopt the most advanced lithium iron technology, there is no risk of explosion and fire.It is designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

    ● Intelligent battery management system
    The battery system adopts a special BMS,high performance battery management module which is featured with voltage,current and temperature protection and a preferable communication between the battery system and the host.

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