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Project Description

Ground station STATION25200-L for solar energy storage

8.4kWh per pack can be scalable

(51.2V) low voltage parallel solution

240kG 680 x420 x 207 mm

  • Voltage: 51.2 v
  • Amp Hours: 495Ah
  • Battery cell Type: Prismatic LiFePo4 cell 55Ah
  • BMS: Smart 4S BMS included
  • Low temp is available. Real time monitor battery.

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    Features Basic

    Our 25.2kwh Ground station STATION25200-L  is a 48V 495Ah lithium deep cycle battery. This Group 16D lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is ready to replace your heavy lead-acid battery bank in your sailboat or solar energy system. It’s only 61 lbs for a true 100 Amp Hour lithium replacement battery that provides 100% of its rated capacity. The STATION25200-L gives you the flexibility to replace several small,heavier lead-acid batteries in a single high capacity unit.

    Product Description

    48v 495ah ground station model type is a special design for home energy storage. 25.2kWh per pack can be scalable,Same like the powerwall OSM-48200, it is also possible to install to any other trucks or passenger cars as a backup power supply.This ideal design to adapt with position for installation. Also, the model is available on Low temp. and optional without screen monitor. Please contact us for further details or questions.

    With 48v 495ah lithium battery, you can be easy to power any other applications such as lighting, fun, cooking heater, Feel easy-Go RVing. Ground station STATION25200-L is a ready to use product. You can just buy it and install easily to your recreational vehicles. It is all you need as energy storage for your car.

    We are Original Battery Factory in China Focus On LiFePO4 Battery Solutions, Welcome to contact us If You Have Individual Pricing for Large Scale Projects And OEM Wholesale. Besides 12 volt 200ah. OSM also provide 48v 100ah lifepo4, please contact us for battery price quotation

    Model Ground Eco Ground Station
    Capacity Energy 2.8kWh 2.8kWh 8.4kWh
    Capacity Ah 55Ah 55Ah 165Ah
    Suggested SOC 5%-100%
    Usable Capacity 2.6kWh 2.6kWh 7.8kWh
    Nominal Voltage 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V
    Operation Voltage 40.0V – 57.6V 40.0V – 57.6V 40.0V – 57.6V
    Maximum charging/Discharging Current 35A 50A 100A
    Scalable Parallel Max 16 packs Series 2 to 8 packs Parallel Max 16 packs
    BMS Robust Multi point monitoring BMS pre installed
    Life Cycling (0.5C 25℃) 6000 cycles 6000 cycles 6000 cycles
    Warranty BTT 26MWh 5 years 40MWh 5 years 80MWh 5 years
    Operation Temperature Chrage : 0℃~ 45℃, Dischrage : -20℃ ~ 45℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 45℃
    Weight 30Kg 30Kg 80Kg
    Dimensions 480 x 280 x 210 mm 680 x 420 x 210 mm
    Communication RS485, CAN
    Certifications MSDS, UN38.3, RoHS, IEC62619, UL
    Mandayory HV DC Main Unit for HV solution
    Optional Fire Suppression, Heating system, Bottom bearing pallet

    ● Using the latest LiFePO4 prismatic cell technology
    ● Warranted throughput of 10MWh per 1kWh of stored capacity
    ● 1C Discharge rate and 0.5C Charge rate
    ● 158Wh per Kg +/- 5% for cells
    ● Plug and Play functionality
    ● Multiple BMS functionality allowing greater control and monitor ● Scalable Battery Packs
    Wall mounted and Ground type selectable
    ● Multiple Energy Capacity options
    ● BMS Compitable with Growatt, Goodwe, Luxpower, Deye, Victron and Studer etc.


    Good reputation in the industry, customers trust the brand, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America and other countries.

    Company Profile


    Leading custom lithium ion battery manufacturer.

    Shenzhen OSM energy technology Company. limited Located in Shenzhen of China. The Battery pack production line and Cell production line located in ShangRao city of JiangXi province. OSM energy has established advanced experienced sales and service in Global market. Service for different industry like: solar energy storage system (ESS),RV, marine, boat, golf cart, AGV robot, EV Battery, Motorcycle and electronic bike battery, forklift battery and electric tricycle battery and 5G base station LiFePo4 battery. OSM now is one of major lithium battery pack manufacturers.

    Items STATION25200-L
    Basic Nominal Voltage 48 V
    Nominal Capacity 495 Ah
    Total Energy 25.2kWh
    Cell Type lithium-iron-phosphate
    Cell Resistance ≤ 0.5 mΩ
    Cell 3.2 V,55 Ah
    Series and Parallel Circuits 4s4p
    Standard Charge Charge Temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃ -20 ~ 50 ℃
    Max Charge Voltage 14.4 ± 0.1V
    Floating Charge Recommended Voltage 13.4 ± 0.1 V
    Charge Current 40 ± 5 A
    Max Continuous Charge Current 100 A
    Charge Mode Commercial Power, solar power, On-Board Engine
    Charging Heating No Yes
    Standard Discharge Discharge Temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
    Output Voltage 11 ~ 14.4 V
    Discharge Current 40 A
    Max Continuous Discharge Current 100 A
    Pulse Current Can Support 120 A / 1 s
    Discharging Heating No
    Mechanical Pack Number 1
    Pack Size Length(465±2)mm * Width(160±2)
    mm * Height(200±2)mm
    Pack Weight 24±1 Kg
    Storage Short Period (≤ 1 Month) -20 ~ 35 ℃, 45% ~ 75% RH
    Long Period (> 1 Month) -10 ~ 35 ℃, 45% ~ 75% RH
    Recommended Temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, 45% ~ 75% RH
    Long Period Storage: The battery should be fully charged and placed under the recommended storage conditions.
    Do a full charge and discharge cycle at least once
    every 1 months.

    The Model is Design for solar energy product. How ever, This model is a perfect solution for home use.

    How long do 150ah Lithium batteries last?

    150Ah can run it for 20 Hours. If the discharge current is 10Amps. Battery capacity is rated in ampere hour (abbreviated Ah, or sometimes amp hour). It is the amount of energy charge in a battery that will allow one ampere of current to flow for one hour.

    Test condition

    Test based on lithium ion battery 100ah battery – OSM-16S150N.

    The test conducted at a temperature of 25±5 ℃, relative humidity of 45% ~ 75%, and atmospheric pressure of 86kPa ~ 106kPa. Room temperature as mentioned in this specification refers to 25±2 ℃.

    (1).Standard Charge:
    At indoor temperature, the battery pack is first discharged to the cut-off voltage with a current of 40A, and then charged to 13.8V with a constant current of 40A, and then charged in a constant voltage charging mode. The battery pack is stopped charging when the charging current drops to 0.01C, and then shelve for 1h after charging.

    (2).Standard Discharge:
    At indoor temperature, the OSM200-RV is first charged in the standard charging mode. After charging, the battery pack is discharged to the cut-off voltage with a discharging current of 40A. After discharging, the battery pack is shelved for 1h.

    Item Standard Test Conditions
    Battery Resistance ≤ 200mΩ Measure with 1kHz AC internal resistance tester at 50% SOC of the battery.
    Battery Capacity 200Ah ± 5% Charge and discharge in standard charge and discharge mode, and record discharge capacity.
    Charge Retention The discharge capacity is maintained no less than 85% of the rated capacity After standard charging, the battery shall be shelved for 28 days under ambient temperature of 25±5 ℃, and the discharge capacity shall meet the test requirements at room temperature with 0.2C continuous discharge current to the discharge cut-off voltage.
    Discharge recovery capacity is not less than 90% of the rated capacity Then after standard charging again, and discharge to the termination voltage with 0.2C continuous discharge current at the ambient temperature of 25±5 ℃. The discharge capacity should meet the test requirements.

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