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Lithium Ion Battery 48V 50Ah LifePO4 Rechargeable Batteries

OSM LFP 3U2000 lithium ion battery 48v 50ah is an ideal solution for residential storage applications, with its compact design, convenient setting buttons, bluetooth Monitor on your smartphones, and cables & accessories ready for installation make this 3U rack battery pack has won global approval!

This 48v 50ah lithium ion rack battery pack includes a dynamic BMS with:

  • Voltage: 51.2 v (48v)
  • Battery cell Type:Lifepo4 battery 50Ah
  • Energy:2.5kwh
  • Flexible parallel
  • Power Connection: IP67 push and plug connector

    48v 50ah lithium battery3u 48v 50ah lithium ion battery

     OSM 48v 50ah lithium ion battery description

    3U 48v 50Ah Li ion rack mount lifepo4 battery is a flexible combination solution. Add more units can increase the voltage or capacity. This can meet different application requirements. Widely used in microgrid energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, computer data ROM stand-by power, UPS, etc.

    • Can be paralleled to get higher energy (consult factory for more than 10 packs)
    • Real time monitoring of cell Voltages, module/ branch currents, cell temperatures.
    • Individual battery branch control for extended availability.
    • Widely used in industrial backup power systems, UPS, Telecom, Data Center and so on.
    • Matched with different brand inverters include but not limited: BYD, Goodwe, Deye…Fronius, SolarEdge, SMA Sunny Boy,Sungrow,Huawei,FIMER,solax,delta, enphase, pylon tech,luxpower

    discription of 48v lifepo4 battery

    Item 19’ Rack Battery Pack Description
    Product Name 3U2000 LFP 3U5000 LFP 4U8000 LFP
    Ah Capacity 51.2V 50Ah 51.2V 100Ah 51.2V 150Ah
    Energy Capacity 2.56kWh 5.12kWh 7.68kWh
    Cell Type 3.2V LiFePO4 prismatic cells
    Cell Number 16 cells 32 cells 48 cells
    Cell Capacity 50Ah
    Cell Connection 16S 2P16S 3P16S
    Typical Voltage 51.2VDC
    Working Voltage Range 44.8V-57.6V
    Dynamic voltage difference between cells ≤50mv
    Maximum Discharging Current 1C
    Maximum Charging Current 1C
    BMS Integrated Yes
    BMS Communication CAN, RS485, RS232
    BMS Active Equalization Yes
    SOC Range 5% – 100%
    Usable Capacity 2.4kWh 4.8kWh 7.2kWh
    Lifespan 5000 cycles
    Design Life 10+ years
    Working Temperature Range Charging, 0℃ – 45℃. Discharging, -10℃ – 45℃
    Storage Temperature Range -20℃ – 45℃
    Power Connection IP67 push and plug connector
    Self-consumption 2% per month
    25℃ 40%SOC
    Dimensions 3.5U 3.5U 4U
    300x150x428mm 483x160x428mm 620x210x383mm
    Weight 24KG 46KG 73KG

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    Advantages of lithium ion battery 48v rack pack

    ● Optimized for photovoltaic applications, using high temperature and high cycle life active materials;
    ● Increased energy in given space;
    ● Parallel connection available for flexible system capacity extension;
    ● High operational reliability;
    ● Optimized supervision strategy through remote control/diagnostic;
    ● Very long lifetime;
    ● Preventive but not premature replacement at end of life;
    ● Maintenance free throughout lifetime;
    ● Compatible with most of the available hybrid inverters;
    ● Compact and fashionable design fits in your sweet home environment;
    ● Conforms to safety standards of IEC62133, CE, UN38.3

    Ac coupled with 48v lithium iron phosphate battery

    OSM 48v lithium iron phosphate battery 50ah features

    Backup protection

    • Safety

    This lithium ion battery  is  a 48v 50ah pack , detect power outages, and automatically become your  home energy source when there is a power outage. Unlike gasoline generators, the energy storage system battery keeps your lights and mobile phones charged without maintenance, fuel or noise. Pair with solar energy and charge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for several days.

    Modern and Compact

    • Design

    Simple installation and minimalist design makes the 48v 50ah lithium ion battery perfectly matches various home styles. The compact, integrated structure is characterized by multi-functional installation options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

    Core Technology

    Our 48v lithium iron phosphate battery equipped with top-quality battery cell like CATL, Lishen, Eve and CALB, etc.

    With pre-built smart BMS, provide the best service for monitoring the operation of the battery system.

    First-class battery design, makes the battery perfectly matches the various home styles.

    5 kwh battery certification

    Cell information

    5 kwh battery cell

    Cell lifespan

    5 kwh pack cell lifespan48v battery cell Module and pack

    • Q: Can I get some 48v 50ah battery samples?
      A: Yes, sample order is available for quality checking and market testing.
    • Q: What kind of cells used on this battery?
      A: We use original A grade prismatic cell inside. Send inquiry to know more about our cells. Certified by UL, CE, MSDS
    • Q: Do your 48v home battery pack comes with BMS?
      A: Yes, All our 48v 50ah lithium ion battery with BMS which can protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, over-current and avoiding short circuit.
    • Q. How about the delivery time?
      A: The lead-time usually takes about 15 to 20 working days accordingly to the specification of your order and quantity.
    • Q. What are your terms of payment?
      A: T/T Alibaba trade assurance is the main payment terms, and other payment terms are negotiable. Please contact us, we’ll discuss the details.
    • Q: What’s your warranty terms?
      A: We offer a 5-year warranty for all our lifepo4 lithium batteries. And we’ve got the after-sale department in Europe to offer you localized services.
    • Q. Can you produce according to the samples?
      A: Yes, we offer ODM solutions. We can produce according to your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures. Please contact us for more details.
    • Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
      A: Quality always comes first. All our  48v lithium iron phosphate battery  products go through strict quality control processes from incoming material to the assembling process. Each product will be tested before packing & shipping.

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